Strong West Coast Storm Could Cause Issues

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman is tracking a strong storm pushing in from the West Coast. He says it could cause issues as it tracks east.?Click on the video link for the latest on his forecast.?

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A Welcome Sight in the Midwest

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick has a look at the latest Root Zone Moisture Map.

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Planting Technology Has Outpaced Weather Uncertainty

A John Deere Model H tractor and Model 290 planter could plant 30 acres a day. And 70 years later, today’s 24-row planter can plant more than 45 acres per hour.

Match Farm's Agronomy Decisions to Weather Challenges this Planting Season

Following 2020's devastating derecho in Iowa, lingering drought and recent floods, agronomists remind producers to adjust their planting decisions accordingly.

Here’s What Agriculture Wants Out of U.S., China March Meeting

Farmers for Free Trade wants to see a full implementation of the Phase One trade agreement. A year into the deal, there are still accountability and compliance issues with China.

A Better Mousetrap Is Needed For Carbon Programs, Consortium Says

A diverse group of 62 organizations is building a national infrastructure program for and around carbon markets through its public-private partnership in the Ecosystems Services Market Consortium.

Faster to Furrow: Maximize Efficiency with a High-Speed Planter

As the high-speed planter segment matures and expands, now might be the time to hone this technology on your farm. The first step is to understand its capabilities.?

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