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Winds Kicking Up in the Dakotas

Meteorologist Matt Engelbrecht breaks down the wind speeds.

Jet Stream Bringing Important Changes

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman takes a look at the changing jet stream.

Northern Plains Could Finally See Some Rain!

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman has more on the chances for rain in the Northern Plains.

Parts of the West Could be in for Some Rain

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman breaks down the chances for rain in the West.

A Check on Root Zone Moisture Conditions

Meteorologist Matt Engelbrecht has a new look at the root zone moisture map.

Rain for Portions of the Midwest

Some areas of the country are getting too much rain.

Any Sign of Relief From the Drought on the Way?

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman looks ahead to the weather we could see this week.

Train of Low Pressure Systems Bringing Rains

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick is tracking some rain for the central part of the country.

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