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‘Dangerous Cold’ Weather Conditions Are Here And Ahead

The Northern Plains will stay dry and cold, and the Central Plains into the Ohio Valley will be hit with a parade of snow events over the next two weeks.

Bitter Cold Temperatures to Continue

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick has more on the chances for moisture in the West.

Arctic Air on the Way for the Weekend

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick has a look at the latest drought monitor.

Snow and Cold Take Aim On the Midwest & Great Lakes

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick is tracking a system that's bringing snow followed by extremely cold air to the Midwest and Great Lakes.

A Blast of Arctic Air is on the Way!

Temperatures are about to take a big dip across much of the country.

West Coast Getting Battered By Storms

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman tells us about the storms that are hitting both coasts right now.

Another Big Storm System is on the Way

While the East Coast continues to deal with a big winter storm, another storm is taking center stage in the West.

Areas of Midwest to See Snow Over Weekend

Areas of the Midwest could see a decent amount of snow this weekend.

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