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Valmont Industries Acquires Prospera Technologies for $300M

“Today’s acquisition is a testament to our commitment to make the farm more efficient and increase productivity while dramatically improving sustainability,” said Valmont President and CEO Stephen G. Kaniewski.

Nutrien Reports Strong Q1 Performance, Highlights Retail Margins

Nutrien leadership shares five areas for growth in its retail business.

Crop Protection Manufacturers Maneuver Tight Supply

“No one has everything they need right now,” says Tom Lyons, vice president of supply chain at Nufarm. “We’ve been on plan A, plan B, and plan C.”

How Drone Applications Can Fit Into Ag Retail

The team at Ag Partners is joining the Rantizo network which includes 40 contractors across 18 states using the technology to apply via drones.

Manufacturers Explain Supply Challenges In Crop Protection

“We’ve seen this building for many months. And this overall situation will likely last into the 2022 crop year,” says Adam Hensley with Helm.

Continuing Coverage: Crop Protection and Ag Products In Short Supply

Crop protection and numerous other ag products are in tight supply and prices are trending higher. What does that mean for farmers? Keep an eye on this page for continuing coverage from the Farm Journal?team.

Long Tail For Crop Protection Supply Chain Snafus

While Amy Asmus says fungicide supplies will also be tighter this year, it’s herbicides that are garnering the most angst.

NAAA aerial application2 2
100 Years of Ag Aviation

August 3, 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of an experiment in Ohio when lead arsenate dust was spread over catalpa trees to kill sphinx moth larvae

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