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How To Avoid The Sins Of Spring

Don’t wrong your crop — focus on the details.

Biologicals and the Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World

Biologicals are a significant part of the Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World.

Vault IP Plus Approved For Use In Soybeans This Season

The seed treatment features rhizobia for nitrogen fixation, a dual-strain biofungicide and the lowest application rate in its class.

Verdesian Launches Trident Nitrogen Stabilizer

The company says this product is built with its patent-pending combination of a co-polymer and solvent blend with time-tested active ingredients NBPT and DCD.

8 Planter Prep Tips for Spring

Don’t let the excitement of getting in the field this spring provoke planting mistakes.

Sudden Death Syndrome
New Biological Seed Treatment Tackles Sudden Death Syndrome

EPA-approved CeraMax prevents the soil-borne fungal pathogen Fusarium virguliforme from taking soybean yield potential captive.

Once again, pigweed has slipped the herbicide cuffs, with documented resistance to glufosinate in northeast Arkansas.
Glufosinate Resistance Confirmed on U.S. Farmland

The first documented case of glufosinate resistance in Palmer amaranth has been recorded in northeast Arkansas.

Ferrie: Changing Your Rotation? Be Sure to Evaluate Herbicide Carryover

Consider doing a simple grow-out to assess whether last year's products are still at work in fields where you plan to rotate crops this season.

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