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Industry advocates highlight infrastructure needs

Details of President Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan are beginning to surface, even as produce advocates stress industry priorities in any infrastructure legislation.

Exclusive: White House Asks EPA to Study Whether EVs Can Generate Renewable Fuel Credits

The White House has directed EPA to study whether using renewable fuels to power electric vehicle charging should generate tradeable credits under the nation's biofuels program.

Biden Rolls Out $2T Infrastructure Plan, Funding to Fuel Broadband, Roads and Waterways

President Biden is preparing to announce a $2.25T infrastructure plan on Wednesday. It's aimed to fuel funding for America’s roads, waterways, broadband and the electric grid, but there's also a focus on climate.

From Carbon Tax to Overall Climate Push, Canadian Farmers Skeptical of Canada’s Climate Approach ?

President Biden's $3 trillion infrastructure is expected to include a large focus on climate. The sudden switch in policy focus isn’t just occurring in the U.S, it’s also a large focus in Canada.

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Biden Targets Big Offshore Wind Power Expansion to Fight Climate Change

The Biden administration unveiled a goal to expand the nation's fledgling offshore wind energy industry in the coming decade by opening new areas to development and boosting public financing for projects.

USTR's Tai Tells EU Antitrust Chief She Wants "More Positive" Trade Ties

USTR Katherine Tai on Monday told the European Union's competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, that she has a "strong desire to develop a more positive and productive" trade relationship with the EU.

U.S. Says Mexico Plan to Ban GMO Corn Imports Does Not Apply to Animal Feed

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said a Mexican plan to ban imports of GMO corn would apply to grain used for human food products, not livestock feed, based on a conversation he had with Mexican Agriculture Secretary.

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