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Pilgrim’s Pride Agrees To Price-Fixing Fine

Pilgrim's Pride, the nation's second-largest poultry processor, entered a guilty plea to federal charges of price-fixing and bid-rigging, the Department of Justice said on Tuesday.

Pilgrim's Pride pleads guilty to chicken price-fixing.
Pilgrim's Pride Pleads Guilty toPrice-Fixing Charge, to Pay $107.9 Million Fine

Pilgrim's Pride Corp pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay a $107.9 million fine on Tuesday to settle federal charges it conspired to fix chicken prices and passed on the costs to consumers and other purchasers.

Six Killed in Liquid Nitrogen Leak at Georgia Poultry Plant

A liquid nitrogen leak at a northeastern Georgia poultry plant ?killed at least six people and led to the hospitalization of at least 10 others.

Tyson Settles Anti-trust Case For $221.5 Million

Tyson Foods has agreed to pay a settlement of $221.5 million in the broiler chicken antitrust civil price-fixing lawsuit, according to filings Tuesday in federal court in Chicago.

Tyson Foods Agrees To Settle In Poultry Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Tyson Foods Inc. has agreed to settle a portion of a class action lawsuit alleging some of the nation’s major poultry companies conspired to fix broiler prices and rig bids.

Pilgrim's Proposes $75 Million Chicken Price-Fixing Settlement

Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., the nation’s second-largest U.S. chicken processor, said it has reached a settlement to pay $75 million to a group of poultry buyers in a price-fixing lawsuit.

The four executives include Jayson Penn, the president and CEO of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp, which is mostly owned by JBS USA Inc.
U.S. Indicts Four Chicken Executives, Alleges Price Fixing

Federal authorities have indicted four officials from two chicken companies for allegedly fixing prices and rigging bids for broiler chickens across the United States.

PA via Reuters A view of the sign at a KFC restaurant and drive-thru
KFC to sell plant-based fried chicken made by Cargill in China

Yum China's KFC fast food chain will begin selling plant-based fried chicken for the first time in China over a limited time period, it said on Monday.

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