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ADM to Build New Soy Crushing Facility to Meet Rising Food, Fuel Demand

ADM plans?to build a soy-crushing facility and refinery in North Dakota to meet increasing demand for food and renewable fuel.

Ultra-Early Planted Soybeans Fight Frost and Freeze Damage

Freezing temperatures, frost and cold weather are testing theories about the yield benefits of ultra-early planted soybeans. Agronomist Missy Bauer says soybeans are surprisingly hardy.

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Big Oil Makes Big Bet on Soybeans as the Answer for Cleaner Energy

In a venture to produce cleaner energy, big oil is turning to soybean oil. In April, Phillips 66 announced an investment in a soybean-processing plant in Iowa.

As Soybean Prices Soar, Emotion and Lack of Farmer Selling Support Prices

As old crop soybean prices soared past $15 this week, experts say there is concern about a shortage of soybeans with emotion and lack of farming selling providing fuel for the markets this week.

Online Options: Annual Mandatory Dicamba Application Training

Certified applicators must participate in training before applying these products in 2021.

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China's March Soybean Imports Surge after Delayed Cargoes Clear Customs

China's soybean imports almost doubled in March from levels in the same month a year earlier, data from customs showed on Tuesday, as cargoes of beans from top exporter Brazil cleared customs after delays.

USDA Attache Projects Brazil 2021/22 Soybean Production at 141 Mln Tonnes

USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service forecasts Brazilian producers will expand soybean planted area to reach 40 million hectares in the 2021/22 season, up from the estimated 38.5 million ha planted in the 2020/21 season

5 Steps For Successful Early-Season Soybean Planting

Before you hook up the planter, consider these tips and recommendations that can help you think through the planting process and implement sound decisions.

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