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Farmers and applicators should check state rules before applying the product
U.S. Appeals Court Upholds $25 Million Roundup Verdict Against Bayer

A federal appeals court upheld a $25 million judgment and trial verdict finding Roundup caused a California resident's non-Hodgkin lymphoma, dealing a blow to Bayer's hopes of limiting legal risk over the weed killer.

California's Drought Situation So Dire Growers are Plowing Under Fields

Federal and state water projects say they will provide little to no irrigation water to many agricultural customers,?so farmers must calculate how much food they can grow with their limited supplies.

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U.S. CPC Says La Nina Ends, Neutral Weather Likely Through Summer

A U.S. government weather forecaster said on Thursday La Nina has ended and El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) neutral conditions are likely to continue through the northern hemisphere summer.

May WASDE Shows $7 Corn Hasn't Dampened Demand; Here's What to Watch with New Crop

USDA's first look at new crop in the May WASDE indicated?higher crop prices could start to erode demand. However, USDA points out greater domestic use could help offset the idea of lower?exports.

USDA's May Report Further Feeds the Bulls as Soybean Supplies Remain Scary Tight

As soybean supply concerns continue to impact the market, USDA’s fresh look at 2020/2021 ending stocks in the May WASDE report paints a scenario where soybean supplies will remain extremely tight.

Fungicide Approved with Three-Way Biological, Chemical and Nano Technologies

With the three-fold approach as a fungicide, CEO Darren Anderson says the product provides farmers with the confidence of a chemistry and the opportunities of a biological.

2021 Farm Journal Corn and Soybean College Registration Opens

The two-day event is set for August 3-4. It offers all-new, practical agronomic information with hands-on, in-field sessions as well as classroom style learning.

Shake, Rattle, and Grow: Young Farmer Bootstraps Road to Agriculture

Cason Anderson, 18, had no acres, few connections, and no equipment, but gained a farming toehold by scavenging tiny bits of neglected ground. Simply, Anderson picked from below the bottom of the pile.

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