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China's Buying Spree Continues, New Crop Corn Commitments Top 5 MMT

China's corn buying spree continued Friday with a sale of 1.36 million metric tons (mmt). The announcement came on the heels of a week of consistent new crop sales.

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China Grains Trade Scrambles for Data After Key Source Goes Dark

The unexplained suspension of operations of a key Chinese agricultural data provider has left traders, analysts and brokers scrambling for other sources of information on one of the world's most important farm markets.

Drought Hits Brazil Corn; Feed Costs Could Squeeze Meatpacker Margins

Dry weather and poorly timed planting are weighing on Brazil's second corn crop this year, reviving fears of another surge in feed prices like the one that battered big meatpackers after a 2016 drought.

China's Buying Spree Signals Tight Corn Supplies Could Carry Into 2022

USDA confirmed on Monday China purchased?just over 1?million metric tons of new crop corn, but the country also canceled 280,000?metric tons of old crop corn. The buying spree signals tight supplies could continue.

U.S. Corn Planting Nears 70% Complete

The last seven days were busy with corn planting across the U.S.

From Farm to Field: Don’t Let Mycotoxins Win

Nearly 25% of the world’s crops are impacted by mycotoxins that if left unmitigated, can impact the entire food chain. Here's what you can do to fight from farm to field.

China Buys Most Corn Since January Despite Pledge to Change Feed Mix

Chinese buyers bought 1.36 million tonnes of U.S. corn, matching their seventh biggest ever purchase of U.S. supplies of the grain, the U.S. Agriculture Department said on Friday.

Corn Hits New Eight-Year Peak, Soybeans Rally on Supply Worries

Chicago Board of Trade corn futures extended a rally on Thursday above eight-year highs as dry weather threatened harvest yields in major exporter Brazil and kept the focus on ebbing global supplies.

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