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Attend a meeting at Commodity Classic to learn about this emerging crop.
Answers to Hemp Questions

Attend a meeting at Commodity Classic to learn about this emerging crop

Hemp Front and Center at World Ag Expo

World Ag Expo has been occurring for quite a long time in Tulare, California but it’s one of the first times hemp has been front and center at the Expo.

Licensing Applications to Grow Industrial Hemp Up in Kansas

Interest in growing industrial hemp as a commercial crop is up in Kansas where regulators are reporting a 30% rise in licensing applications for the second year of the state's research program.

Wyoming Close to Finalizing Hemp-Growing Regulations

The attorney general in Wyoming has said the state is close to setting statewide hemp-growing regulations amid concerns from farmers about missing the upcoming growing season.

Kentucky Will Continue Hemp Program as Pilot for a Year

Kentucky's Department of Agriculture will continue operating its hemp program as a research pilot program for another year before transitioning to a commercial program, the agency said.

Legislation to Legalize Hemp in Idaho Introduced in Senate

Growing hemp would be legal in Idaho under proposed legislation introduced Tuesday.

Farmers One Step Closer to Hemp Planting after Rule Approval

Ohio farmers are one step closer to planting hemp as soon as this spring following a vote Thursday by a legislative rule-making committee.

USDA Announces New Hemp Insurance Program

USDA announcing this week it's rolling out federal crop insurance for hemp growers in 21 states. USDA's Risk Management Agency pilot insurance program will cover the 2020 hemp crop in certain counties in those states.

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