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Success Tips for Planting Green into Cover Crops

Maximize your cover crop investment this spring.

Mosaic Wins Phosphate Countervailing Duty Case as Supply and Price Strains Continue

Nearly eight months after an investigation was launched, Mosaic won a countervailing duty case against the imports of phosphates from Morocco and Russia. The outcome could cause further strain on already high prices.

New Input Supplier Goes Direct From Formulators And Some Retailers To Farmers

Dawn Crop Performance expects to save farmers 30% in most cases for crop protection chemistry, fertilizer and surfactants, starting with growers in the Dakotas.

New, Free Publication Addresses Fungicide Efficacy For Soybean Foliar Diseases

Because of resistance to some of the existing technology in the marketplace, farmers need to evaluate carefully which product can effectively address the specific foliar diseases in their fields.

First-Generation Farmer Gavin Spoor Proves Passion Pays Off

Gavin Spoor is a first-generation farmer who says being a farmer is all he ever wanted to do. Through passion and hard work, Spoor proved being resourceful can help you build a business from scratch.

Three Herbicide-Tolerant Sorghum Technologies Finally Reach Farmers

Grassy weeds in sorghum have historically been extremely difficult if not impossible to control in-season.

Large Ethanol Shipments Set Sail; Why China May Be Testing the Waters

More than a month after news broke China committed to its largest ethanol purchase ever, some of those exports have sailed. One economist thinks China may be testing the waters on the difficulty of large shipments.

Biologicals and the Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World

Biologicals are a significant part of the Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World.

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