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Global Farmer Network
Mexico’s Self-Defeating War on Safe Technologies

President Lopez Obrador doesn’t seem to care whom these prohibitions harm. I wish he’d see us as allies in achieving food security---to meet the challenge, we need access to the world's technology.

Global Farmer Network
COVID-19 Vaccine is a Science-Based Technology Life Saver

A solution is upon us---and we owe it all to the sound science, safe technologies, and sensible policies that continue to enhance our lives.

Global Farmer Network
Science-based, Free-flowing Trade Benefits the World

The best trade is based on sound science?in other words, regulations that guarantee the safety and health of food but don’t block its availability or make it costly.

Global Farmer Network
Farmers Want to Support the Next US Trade Representative

Farmers can’t afford to go unseen. Our voices must be a part of any conversation that involves the exchange of goods and services across borders.

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