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California's Drought Situation So Dire Growers are Plowing Under Fields

Federal and state water projects say they will provide little to no irrigation water to many agricultural customers,?so farmers must calculate how much food they can grow with their limited supplies.

Lack of Snow a Concern in Some Places

Meteorologist Matt Engelbrecht takes a look at the snowfall map.

Winds Kicking Up in the Dakotas

Meteorologist Matt Engelbrecht breaks down the wind speeds.

May WASDE Shows $7 Corn Hasn't Dampened Demand; Here's What to Watch with New Crop

USDA's first look at new crop in the May WASDE indicated?higher crop prices could start to erode demand. However, USDA points out greater domestic use could help offset the idea of lower?exports.

Meet World Food Prize Winner Who Addressed Hunger and Pioneered Raising Fish Rich In Nutrients

A pioneer who helped improve nutrition and health for millions of people around the world is being recognized for her groundbreaking work. Doctor?Shakuntala?Haraksingh?Thilsted?is this year's World Food Prize winner.

I-80 Planting Tour: Iowa Farmer Able to Plant Corn Crop in 7 Days Due to Dry Weather

After a slow start here to planting in portion of Iowa, farmers are now planting the 2021?crop at a record pace. One?Rock Rapids, Iowa farmer can't recall a year he was able to finish this fast. ?

China's Buying Spree Signals Tight Corn Supplies Could Carry Into 2022

USDA confirmed on Monday China purchased?just over 1?million metric tons of new crop corn, but the country also canceled 280,000?metric tons of old crop corn. The buying spree signals tight supplies could continue.

3 First-Generation Farmers Talk Growth, Opportunities and Tenacity

The “Farming the First Generation” series from AgDay and U.S. Farm Report takes a look at those who’ve beat the odds and chosen to make farming a career.

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